Announcing My Pamper Wellness Package:

Answer these questions to know if this is right for you:

tick-blue Do you want to stay away from pain
so you can continue to do the things you love in life?
tick-blue Do you want to stop taking pain pills
when those aches and pains come up from nowhere?
tick-blue Do you want to stay away from frequent doctor visits and referral to surgeons and avoid sitting in doctor’s office
when you can be out there having fun?
tick-blue Do you want to continue doing the things you are passionate about
and feel 100% physically well to do them?

My Pamper Wellness Package

To be sure that this is right for you, we invite you to


Call Purissa at (201) 893 – 1995
What is in the Package:
dry needling for trigger points
craniosacral therapy
myofascial Release
free check-up on the bones, joints, muscles and posture
postural restoration therapy
loads of free health information to maintain wellness and age gracefully
free exercises to do at home