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About Purissa

Purissa Alcuino-Seville, fondly called “Rissa”, is a board certified physical therapist in the USA for over 15 years and counting. She has treated thousands of patients since 1998 suffering from acute and chronic neck and back pain. Purissa’s philosophy of care is about providing high quality evidence-informed therapy, customizing approach to patient treatment, and promoting patient advocacy.

Purissa’s journey started in the Philippines graduating class valedictorian in primary school and first honorable mention in high school.

She graduated Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Cebu Doctors’ University in 1997 and board certified in the Philippines. The unquenchable thirst for knowledge brought Purissa to the United States of America in 1998 and through the years has earned certifications in Myofascial trigger point and Mckenzie technique for mechanical diagnosis of the spine. Under Mariano Rocabado’s training, a renowned expert in craniomandibular therapy, Purissa has enhanced her competence by providing state of the art therapy for head, neck and TMJ disorders. She continue to pursue clinical excellence by acquiring skills in craniosacral therapy through the Upledger Institute, John Barnes myofascial release and unwinding and postural restoration techniques. Purissa’s eclectic style of treating influenced by years of continuing education and a passionate approach to person-centered care and holistic therapy has earned her happy, satisfied, and loyal clients.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” — Thomas Alva Edison

Purissa enjoys spending time with family and together with husband Francis, they raised two adorable kids. Craig is an energetic 7 years old and Caryn is a charmer at 5. As a Filipino immigrant and a naturalized American citizen, she truly benefits from having the best of both worlds. As you meet her, the experience begins with a smile and ends with a smile. Guided by a dream and vision to provide Expert Specialist CARE for Your Needs, SEVILLE PT LLC. is ready to welcome you to the practice. We look forward to providing you experienced competent care and the best customer service you deserve.

From visiting clients in their homes
all the way to New Jersey’s Fastest Growing
Physical Therapy Clinic

Specializing in Helping People Heal and Stay Active,
Independent and Pain-free,…

“A Physical Therapy Clinic In Bergen County IDEAL For People Who Prefer Natural,
EXPERT Solutions To End Pain And Stiffness, Who Don’t want to depend Upon Painkillers
So They Will Stay Active & Enjoy Quality of Life Through the Years….”



“What’s So Special About Seville Physical Therapy…”

bullet-lightbulb  outcome driven company focused on helping you stay active, mobile and independent

bullet-lightbulb  help you end dependency from  pain killers and resorting to surgery.

bullet-lightbulb  your BEST choice provider for Specialist Physical Therapy with a COMPLETE mind body approach for INSTANT relief from pain and restoration of well-being

bullet-lightbulb  utilizes the art and science of bodyworks, breath and therapeutic movements


What is the Goal of Seville PT?

tick-blue Physical Goal: restore posture, balance and symmetry as we move in space

tick-blue Functional Goal: pursue work, hobbies and sports through freedom of movement

tick-blue Social Goal: bring back life’s passion for travel, art and interests


What is the Seville PT difference?

tick-blue We help people who suffer from pain and injuries cut pain pill dependency, say “NO” to surgery and regain a life of independence.

tick-blue We are a specialist provider with a direct 1:1 attention, full hands-on approach and helps you make better decisions for a better health.

tick-blue We treat to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain. This means we are dedicated in finding the “WHY”  of your problem.


Who is Seville Physical Therapy?

Founder Purissa  is a leading physical therapist of 16 years certified in dry needling, practices craniosacral therapy and certified in Mckenzie mechanical diagnosis and therapy to the spine. She specializes on tmj/jaw craniomandibular therapy.


Who is a Seville appropriate patient?

bullet_white Health Conscious Professionals:who wants to manage pain  without  pain pills or  surgery

bullet_white Busy business owners : Who has been feeling anxious, overwhelmed, has difficulty concentrating and disturbed sleep due to pain and stiffness

bullet_white Sensible People: Who suffers from a restricted personal, work and social life due to nagging aches, headaches and joint pains

bullet_white Active Grandma and Grandpa: Who does not want to miss out on their grandchildren’s lives and milestones

bullet_white Worried Mom and Dad: Who has to constantly give care to their children and their own parents while keeping up with a full time job and family time.

bullet_white “Weekend and Seasonal Warriors”: Who want to be FIT and READY for gardening, travel, hiking,/walking,  golf, tennis, biking and more without being impeded by annoying stiffness and pain


Where Are We?

15-19 Washington St.  (2nd Floor) Tenafly Nj 07670


Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm Saturday 7-12pm
“Tips: Direct “one-on-one” appointment with physical therapist.
By appointment only by calling (201)893-1995


Services Offered

dry needling for trigger points

craniosacral therapy

manual trigger point therapy

myofascial release


joint mobilizations

neuromuscular based therapeutic exercises

specialty treatment for TMJ/jaw

postural restoration therapy

comprehensive patient education

Wellness Services:

Annual check up

Pamper Package

Conditions Treated

Chronic Pain Syndromes

Myofascial Pain/Fibromyalgia

Jaw/Facial Pain/Headaches


Disc Herniations and Spinal Stenosis

Low Back Pain

Neck /Shoulder Pain

Hip/Knee/Ankle Pain

Persistent Pain after Orthopedic Surgery

Impingement and Unstable Joints



Muscle Spasms

Remember we have a full Money Back Guarantee for all
or any of the treatment you received at Seville


Physical Therapy  if you are not completely satisfied with the care  :0


End the confusion, start making the BEST Decisions for the BEST of Health

dont’ settle for a life of pain and stiffness…
picking the right physical therapist do matter….
know what your body needs when you receive our hands-on approach

Appointments and Questions Call (201)893-1995
15-19 Washington St. (2nd Floor) Tenafly Nj 07670
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