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What people say about Purissa Seville

I had excruciating knee pain. I did not know what was the nature of the problem. Stairs was difficult, I was almost bedridden and I have to stop my work of treating disabled children. I relearned my body through the therapeutic process of physical therapy . I lost 60 lbs., and did exercises using my core muscles to take the strain off my knees and now I am able to continue to work.

Marilyn of Teaneck

I had neck surgery  which fused  my neck because of severe compression. After the surgery, I was left with an unbearable stiffness and lack of mobility. Picking the right therapist helped me stop my dependency on using an electrical stimulation unit and help me develop the love for exercising which has now become my lifestyle. Physical therapy keeps me away from pain and help me manage my pain now and then.

Scott of Rutherford

My back and neck was hurting me for a long time that it stopped me from siting,getting out of the chair, bending over and doing stairs. I missed everything. I did physical therapy where the stretching and hands-on technique really worked. I regained my mobility and felt my body feel like a  body again. I never want to go back to that stage of being in pain.

Rita of Englewood

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